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Posted by Mr. President on June 25, 2007

President Hillery: Been There, Done That


Tomorrow’s news today!


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Posted by Mr. President on June 6, 2007

Putin His Place In History


What finer legacy can the outgoing Russian strongman have than for a popular vodka to be sort of named for him?

Putinka is #2 in the Russian market, somehow held aloft by the unstoppable magnetism of the former KGB operative and hero of Grozny.


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Posted by Mr. President on April 27, 2007

Beating The U.S. In Internet Penetration But Still Reduced To This?

An outgoing President searches for a location to build the suitable monument to his greatness, and ends up where he came from.

But in this case It’s not Reagan V. Stanford or Nixon V. Duke. The Pharaoh contagion has spread abroad. Yet another Korean President is piling up paper and making plans for the hereafter, with the “Roh Moo-hyun Memorial Library” to be built at Inje University.

Roh caught the bug early, supposedly spending the night he was elected reading a book of Lincoln speeches. He wrote “Roh Moo-Hyun Meets Lincoln” in the aftermath

Roh’s self monumentization follows the construction of the “Kim Dae-jung Presidential Library” by his illustrious predecessor, home to seemingly every nick/knack the man ever received. Highlights include “Costa Rica National Parks,” souvenir of his state visit there.

Roh is born along in his folly by the unstoppable power of net involved citizens, mobilized through Rohsamo, meaning “People Who Love Roh Moo-Hyun.”


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Posted by Mr. President on April 18, 2007


It’s Legacy Time in Nigeria!

Outgoing President Obasanjo couldn’t pass a constitutional amendment allowing a third term, so he’s settled for anointing successors and opening a “library”

Leadership lessons are promised, and Nigeria’s great and good proudly serve on the board, joined by curious foreigners.

Goateed entrepreneur Richard Branson is on board, no doubt grateful for his acquisition of a privatized local phone company and the launch of Virgin Nigeria airline. Also involved is a partner of Andrew Young in the delightfully named Goodworks International [Slogan: “We do well by doing good.”]

The library threatens to be a sprawling affair. The gift shop alone appears in drawings [below] to be the size of your basic Marriott Residence Inn.


“The design intends to make the passers-by ask: “What structure is that on the hill?”

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