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The Votes Are In!

Posted by Mr. President on August 18, 2007

greatness-schlesinger-sr.jpg greatness-schlesinger-jr.jpggreatness-tribune.jpg

Schlesinger, Schlesinger Junior, the Chicago Tribune, all have surveyed Presidential Greatness.

Now Norman Markowitz joins the line of hero searchers.

Blogging at “Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist-Maoist*,” Brother Markowitz asks and answers, “George W. Bush: The Worst President In US History?”

He places Bush just above James Buchanan in the Presidential Badness Sweepstakes, and sinking fast:

“It is purely from an “American Centric” position that Buchanan maintains a slight lead over Bush. And of course (the second caveat), the Bush administration still has around 20 months left to overtake Buchanan. Let’s do Bush a favor. The broad left, the labor movement, the anti-Iraq war movement, all progressive movements and the Democratic Party should act now to prevent a discredited administration from extending its disastrous policies. By using constitutional means to get rid of the Bush administration and the “Reagan legacy” in terms of policy, we can keep Bush below James Buchanan on the list of “worst presidents” in American history. To conclude this article on an explicitly Marxist note, which asked a conventional question and used a presidential comparison model to answer it, we should remember that a revolutionary civil war followed the Buchanan administration.”



*”dedicated to ideologies of great communist leaders Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro and Kim Il Sung”


One Response to “The Votes Are In!”

  1. markowitz said

    WOW. My article was serious but this intro is really very funny, sort of Saturday Night Live Meets anarcho Republicans. Shlesinger is spelled Schlesinger and both father and son would turn over in their graves to see their names misspelled in the first sentence. Has Bush failed as the education president. Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist-Maoist blogging. This, comrade(figuratively of course, in the sense that you referred to me as brother) is pre school red-baiting, and we have yet to have socialized daycare, even for intellectually pre-school red-baiters. If you wish more sophisticated red-baiting, you might read Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.s old, The Vital Center. If you want to understand what you are trying to laugh at, you might read Political Affairs or the Peoples Weekly World.

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