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The Two New Nixons

Posted by Mr. President on August 2, 2007

A fresh face has joined the cavalcade of scowling actors playing Richard Nixon.nixon-broadbent.jpg

British actor Jim Broadbent will do the honers this time, with pretty boy Brad Pitt as John Dean.

But can America absorb two Nixon bi-ops? The film of the play of the book of the TV interviews “Frost/Nixon” is also going into production, with the play’s star Frank Lanella beating out former matanay idol Warren Beaty to keep the role.

Past greats in the role:

Lane Smith nixon-lane-smith.jpg

Anthony Hopkins nixon-anthony-hopkins.jpg

Phillip Baker Hall nixon-pb-hall.jpg


One Response to “The Two New Nixons”

  1. shane75 said

    Two Brits (Hopkins and Broadbent) playing Nixon? Are you guys trying to tell us something? it reminds me of an interview with George Lucas who admitted using English actors to play all the bad guys in the original Star Wars trilogy!

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