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It’s Not The Coverup, It’s The Crime

Posted by Mr. President on July 31, 2007

Look Away! washington-slaves.jpg

Archaeologists have wrapped up digging at President’s House, the Philadelphia site where George Washington lived during the city’s period as the Capitol. They have covered the remnants of the slave passageway discovered while investigating the site as the city and the National Park Service ponder how to memorialize the location and it’s past residents, including Washington’s slaves.

Finalists in the site design competition are available on-line.

From the Philadelphia Daily News’ reporting on visitors reactions they may have a hard time pleasing some quarters.

Discussing the Father of the Nation’s slaves seems to set off some visitors, who offer the 18th Century version of JFK-was-about-to-pull-out-of-Vietnam: “George Washington wanted to end slavery, but he was concerned that it would start a civil war at a time when the nation was just being formed,” a white historian claimed to an archaeologist working on the site. She was also asked why at least two of Washington’s slaves would want to escape such a “nice house.”



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