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Posted by Mr. President on July 9, 2007

The Newest Nixon


The LA Times provides a scene setter for the Wednesday Nixon museum changeover from triumphantly biased to federally certified objectivity.

Incoming Director Timothy Naftali boldly signals his new broomness by describing the demolition of the old Watergate exhibit, to be replaced by one where you can interact your way to making your own cool conclusions on the whole darn mess. “It’ll be up to the visitor to decide,” he vows.

The day has come at last when Nixon may catch a break from the death of objective truth conservatives spend an inordinate amount of their time hunting down and denouncing.

Even better, Naftali is going all meta on the old dead exhibit. It’ll live on in format of the day digital photographs to be displaced on, yes, plasma screens. Sort of like when Disneyland made over Tommorrowland to be less about the future and more on the past’s view of the future.


Naftali. Tie-less, natch.


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