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Posted by Mr. President on July 7, 2007


Dick Goes Legit?

All is forgiven Wednesday as the Nixon museum wakes up part of the National Archives system.

It’s been a twisted path. Congress seized his papers in the wake of Watergate to prevent their destruction. Nixon sued, and he and later his estate carried on the titanic struggle for control. In the end the Feds paid him for $18 million for papers generated while he and his minions were on the public payroll.

The Archives was accused of assisting Nixon efforts to block access to the papers. And the deal to transfer now Archive owned papers to a gussied up and federalized Nixon museum hasn’t been seamless. Two years ago the Nixonians killed a Vietnam War conference it was to host but it’s all better now! This year the Nixon posted an item referring to Democrats as “sleeper cells,” but it was all in a spirit of fun and won’t happen again!

nixon-time-cover.jpg To celebrate it’s federalization the Nixon will be releasing new tapes and documents at 11 am EST Wednesday.

Watch the skies!


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