remembering history the way they wished it had been

Posted by Mr. President on July 2, 2007

Book Report

Churchill’s megaphone moment? churchill-ruins.jpg

The Washington Post reports Monday that President Bush is taking time from his troubles to read as many as three George Washington biographies plus the now standard accounts of colonial disaster in Algiers and Churchill books. And meeting some of the authors.

Algeria! The road to victory lies ahead! There have been waves of interest in Alistair Horne, Bush’s Algeria man, along with the film “The Battle of Algiers.”

One clear lesson extracted is that enhanced interrogation methods are the way to go! tortureinthebattleofalgiers.jpg

The ceaseless search for Churchill analogies [Jack Kemp, the wilderness years] appears equally misbegotten. Bush’s reading includes an account of the plucky back benchers who made Churchill Prime Minister [rebel Tories, prefect!], except the author pissed all over Bush on Sunday.


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