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Posted by Mr. President on June 29, 2007

Do You Know Me?


A martyred president, cut down by a lone assassin before a popular imperialist adventure turned sour. The death of William McKinley was memorialized across the country with enormous numbers of statues and monuments. A hundred and six years later his massive Ohio burial place marks it’s own centennial striving to answer such questions as, “Why do bees make honey?”


Lately we don’t hear so much about Ohio’s last president but Taft.

Back in the day they built monuments where he died:


Wrote songs: mem-music.jpg

Commemorated McKinley’s coffee service for Gettysburg front line soldiers: mckinley-2-sm.jpg

And plunked down statues as far as the eye can see.







Muskegon, MI

San Francisco:


Arcata, CA:arcata.jpg

[This one has a myspace page: crap music warning!]

McKinlyization also spawned the first presidential assassin snuff film:

It wasn’t an endless wave of memorializing. A proposal to commemorate McKinley in Washington DC where 16th Street NorthWest climbs to Meridian Hill Park didn’t come to pass.

McKinely briefly got press during the flowering of George W. Bush’s uniting, when presidential sevngali Karl Rove modestly allowed that his model was Mark Hanna’s creation of McKinley’s fairly durable Republican majority.

Lately we don’t hear so much.


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