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Posted by Mr. President on June 26, 2007

It’s In The Air…


…or the water. Future vacant lot in Ft.Worth = presidential mania [3rd item].

Lot’s of enthusiasm if few facts on the ground [or in writer’s mind apparently] on a local Ft. Worth architecture forum:

“I hope we use that site for a President’s Museum . Lots of History with Fort Worth and U.S. President’s. Read Ronald Reagan’s Auto bio He mention’s Fort Worth about 5 times . Its a funny story I believe it’s on page 160 180 something.Redo General Worth park and use the whole block for a JFK Memorial. Even if we have to nickel and dime our way another 40 year’s get the money. We should spend big buck’s because this will be our only real close chance to get a President’s Library type place.”


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