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Posted by Mr. President on June 12, 2007

Bandar Bush Banned?

It could be another bad week for America’s favorite ambassador from the unspeakable. Fresh from accusations he received a whopping two billion dollar bribe [some allegedly filtered through Washington’s quietly mourned despot’s depository, Riggs Bank] Saudi Arabia’s former ambassador to Washington, Prince Bandar bin Sultan may one of the bigger losers Wednesday when a Senate committee takes up a bill to open presidential archives.

The Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee will consider a bill to overturn President Bush’s Executive Order which has effectively closed Presidential papers except those Formers, their descendants and stray former Vice Presidents chose to let loose. The House has already passed a version.

Disclosure may shed light on decades of Bandar’s dealings with two generations of Bushs, from Lebanese car bombings
through presidential library building to the magnificent anti Shia alliance he has helped cobble together in the Middle East.

The Committee is also looking at greater disclosure for donors to the libraries.


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